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"Mariachitlán" NYO2 & MeiAnn Chen

This is the real deal! Young musicians playing NEW classical music and having FUN! I wrote “Mariachitlán” to share my love for Mexico  and mariachi-music with orchestras and audiences around the world. Watching these incredible 14-19 year-old  artists rock out to this piece makes it a dream come true!

I had the honor of working with the NYO2 and MeiAnn Chen in New York this past summer, in preparation for this Carnegie Hall video. The orchestra’s energy and enthusiasm for performing “Mariachitlán” was like nothing I had experienced before as a composer. Check out how they added Mexican ‘gritos’ in 8:55, cheering on the violin solo – to get a taste of how much fun we had making music together! 

THESE musicians are the bright future of classical music! What a joy to have “Mariachitlán” as part of their repertoire. And THANK YOU, maestra Mei-Ann Chen for this superb performance and collaboration!

"Mariachitlán in Walt Disney Concert Hall"

MARIACHITLÁN at WALT DISNEY CONCERT HALL! 🤩 LACO will reopen Disney Hall with a historic concert on June 26th!

I can’t believe that the “Sol Sol Fa Sol Fa Sol”  of my Mariachitlán will be the first notes to sound in this legendary hall, after a year of silence!

The concert, conducted by the amazing Jaime Martin, will also be streamed on YouTube! It will feature LACO’s NEWLY COMMISSIONED arrangement of Mariachitlán, for 40-musicians.

A huge THANK YOU to Ben and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra family for making this dream come true!

"Ángel Mestizo" with La Nueva Filarmonia and Ricardo Jaramillo

A new video of my “Angel Mestizo” is now available in YouTube!
This harp concerto has travelled all over the place, with more than 7 performances by different orchestras and harp soloists. Last week, thanks to Conductor Ricardo Jaramillo, it had a spectacular Colombian debut with La Nueva Filarmonía (orchestra) and Martha Liliana Bonilla (harp soloist).
Dive in into this fantastic performance!